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My name is Jacky.  I had a mastectomy in March 2008. 

I was uncomfortable after having lost a breast and I wanted
maximum comfort, function and symmetry, so I designed clothes
for myself.

Now they are available for you too.

From the moment you leave hospital after mastectomy or other breast cancer surgery you need clothes that make you look symetrical but put no pressure on the surgery site and are comfortable.

You need clothes that are worn without a bra and without a prosthesis.

If you are planning reconstructive surgery you need clothes that put no pressure on your skin and cause no rubbing on healing tissues.

During the weeks of healing, before a bra and prosthesis are permitted by your surgeon, you need clothes that keep you looking the woman you were before.

Here are some examples of the clothes I make:

• My clothes are made to fit your needs after breast cancer surgery.
• They are worn without a bra and without a prothesis.
• They are comfortable and cause no pressure or rubbing.
• They will make you look symmetrical without bra or prothesis.
• They will make you feel and look the woman you were before the surgery.

How you can benefit from my specially designed clothes.

• You can wear them as basic garments, to be worn with shirts or jackets,
or you can wear them by themselves with your favorite pants or skirt, but always without bra or prosthesis.

• You can wear them right after surgery, mastectomy or lumpectomy, single or double. They are comfortable and have room for dressings and even a place for a surgical drains in outside pockets.

• You can wear them during radiation therapy and chemotherapy. They keep you looking good, feeling comfortable and you wear no bra or prosthesis.

• You can wear them whilst waiting for reconstructive surgery or even during the process of reconstruction. They will keep you comfortable without pressing or chaffing on the healing skin of your chest.

• You can use them as casual clothes at home or when you go out shopping, jogging, traveling or any other time that you need maximum comfort.