Sleeveless Shirt Blue
Sleeveless Shirt Cream
Comfy Shirt Flowered
Comfy Shirt Beige
Comfy Tunic Blue
Comfy Tunic Flowered
Elegant Cowl Shirt Pink
Elegant Cowl Shirt Grey
  Customer Service
My specially designed clothes are available only through this website and only directly from me.

Please choose the garments that suit your needs and decide what size will be the best fit for you. Garments, once dispatched to the address specified in your order, will not qualify for return of funds (there is a "no refund" policy in operation).

Garment designs, materials, colors and patterns may be changed without notice and may differ from the models shown in the catalog.

If you have any questions please contact Jacky, especially if you are not sure which garment to order or what size would be best for you.