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 Dear Jacky,

As you know, 5 years ago I had a mastectomy. At that time I just didn't know what to do with myself.  How could I solve the problem of what to wear?  How to look good and feel comfortable.

That was until I heard about your special clothes.  I made great efforts to get to you and to see the clothes.  I was not disappointed and your ideas really are amazing.

Your special clothes answer all my expectations and enable me to look my best and feel comfortable as if I had never lost my breast.

It is very important for me that my letter should be read by many other women who have undergone mastectomy so that they too should understand how they can benefit from your original and very successful clothing.

I thank you for your initiative and wish you good health to enable you to go on creating your special clothing.

With best wishes,



'Jacky's innovative clothing designed for post-mastectomy women make it possible for me to choose to not wear the prosthesis when at home or in public and not worry about looking balanced.'


Dear Jacky,

 I am writing on behalf of my mother, Norma.

 My mother had had a radical mastectomy in New York, in 1970.  Unfortunately, she was badly burned and scarred from the radiation treatments.  She searched all over for comfortable clothes and forms to wear; price not being the deciding factor, for she needed comfort. However, whatever she wore irritated her skin and she was always uncomfortable. This irritation just wouldn’t go away and everything she put on seemed to exacerbate the situation.
 We both saw an article written all about you, Jacky, in the newspaper.  We wrote you emails and called you that day!   You got in touch with us immediately and both my mother and I felt an instant connection with you!
 When she saw your clothes my mother was like a child in a candy store.  She bought so many items and happily wore them all.
 What can I say? My mother told me that in the 38 years she had searched for clothes, she never dreamed that she would find clothes that were not only stylish, but were so comfortable. Not only that, but that as soon as she started wearing your clothes, her irritations started healing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  She couldn’t believe it!!!!!!!!!!!  She cried from joy, literally.
 I felt the need and desire to write you, Jacky. Both my mother and I became great fans of yours! You turned your suffering into a way to help others. My mother felt connected to you; she admired and respected you. She was grateful to you, more than you can ever know. I have tears in my eyes, seeing her joy, wearing your creations, and her looking forward to buying more.


 I will never forget what you did for my mother.


Hi Jacky,

Thank you for the wonderful garment. It is beautiful, comfortable, and soft. Wishing you a very Happy New Year and wonderful health.

Take care,



I had a unilateral mastectomy about two years ago, and read about Jacky in the newspaper soon afterwards. I hated that I had to wear a mastectomy bra and a prosthesis all the time in order to look symmetrical. No matter how good the fit and the quality of the prostheses and the special bras, wearing them becomes uncomfortable after a while, especially in warm weather.
I bought a number of garments from Jacky. I found that Jacky's clothing allows me to go bra-less, is practical, well-designed and an emotional life saver as well as being comfortable and fashionable. Comfort and style are very important to me, as a woman who has gone through such an ordeal, and Jacky has tackled and solved this challenge.


Hi Jacky,
Jacky's innovative clothing designed for post-mastectomy women make it possible for me to choose to not wear the prothesis when at home or in public and not worry about not looking balanced.