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Questions answered by Prof. Charles B.Howard B.Sc. (Hons), Env Studs (Open),  M.B.B.S.,  M.R.C.S.,  F.R.C.S.  Senior Orthopaedic Surgeon.

 Q  If I don’t wear a prosthesis will I be more likely to get back pain because of the uneven weight?

A  Definitely not. Mechanical back pain is usually due to lack of a strong musculature. Weight is always distributed asymmetrically as for instance when holding an object in one hand and there is unequal weight distribution within body organs. Thus a minor (a few ounces) difference in weight will not cause mechanical stress in the back, any more than the difference between the weight of a prosthesis and the remaining breast.

Q Do Jacky’s special clothes have any mechanical advantages over a prosthesis?

A  Yes, a prosthesis is suspended via a bra strap directly from the shoulder which may risk  pain  because of previous surgery or radiation in that region. By by-passing this sensitive area Jacky’s special clothes avoid this problem. Many women develop a frozen shoulder after surgery or radiation and having a prosthesis suspended from this painful area adds to the discomfort and it is this extra discomfort that Jacky's special clothing avoids.

Q  Are there any other advantages of Jacky’s special clothes?

A  Certainly. Many women who have used a prosthesis in a bra will tell you how uncomfortable they are. Apart from the sweating and stickiness, the pressure of the lower band of the bra on the sensitive post-mastectomy skin may cause irritation and even sores, particularly in skin that has been irradiated. Jacky's special clothing, by eliminating the need for a bra and prosthesis, can help prevent this.